Friday, February 27, 2009

Zoo Minyan next shabbos (March 7th)

There will not be a Fri. night Zoo Minyan tonight after all.

Heartfelt apologies to those who had planned to celebrate Shabbat at Zoo Minyan this evening. Zoo Minyan management only just returned from safari in South Africa, where planning was stymied due to lack of internet access (i.e. none at all). The next Fri night davenning extravaganza will be *March* 27th instead. The calendar on the here on the website is now fully up to date.

We will daven as planned *next* shabbos morning, March 7th (Shabbat Zachor, the shabbat preceding Purim). Volunteers for leyning, leading, davenning treats, torah schlepping, and the famous Zoo Minyan veggies are very much appreciated – write back to

Or use the self-service leyning spreadsheet:

We bring regards from Jeff Dorfman, former Zoo Minyan Leyner with red hair & ponytail who left a few years ago to research malaria in Kenya. We wish him Mazal Tov on his wedding to Karen in Cape Town. They are part of a new Minyan you might enjoy. Let us know if you'll be in Cape Town and you are interested, and we'll connect you.

Shabbat Shalom,
the Zoo Minyan Maskirah