Sunday, December 21, 2008

In light of our economic tzuris, and the schanda of Bernard Madoff (the goneff), the mitzva of tzedakah is even more important than usual.

Here is a note from Rabbi Ken Cohen, the Director of AU Hillel.  In addition to the wonderful community-building programming at the Hillel, they also generously provide a sefer torah for Zoo Minyan's shabbos morning davenning.


December 19, 2008


These are tough times, but the mission of American University Hillel to serve the needs of our students continues. 

But to be honest, I am very concerned. We are making cutbacks, but that may not be enough.

During the darkest part of winter, we Jews kindle a flame of hope by lighting menorahs. We chase away gloom, cold and fear with song and celebration. In a nutshell, stubborn hope has always been the key to our survival. 

You are our hope.

Please support AU Hillel and make your 2008 tax-deductible gift now. December 31st is only days away. You can make your donation online through our website ( or send a check to the address listed there. 

AU Hillel receives no funding from American University and needs to raise approximately 80% of our own budget. Your gift, big or small, will help us continue to promote an extensive social, political and religious program benefiting all of AU’s 2100 Jewish students.  



Rabbi Kenneth L. Cohen, Director 

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