Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Big Finish at the Zoo this shabbos (in Mt. Pleasant)

In this time of new beginnings, come join Zoo Minyan this Saturday in 
the Big Finish - completing Sefer Breishet! As we... --hey wait. Zoo 
Minyan Drash is now a feature of the Zoo Minyan website, www.ZooMinyan.org
Check for it there, tomorrow night.... 

And now for the info on this coming Shabbat: 

We'll be gathering for davenning, lunch, shmoozing, singing, etc 
(especially singing -- thanks, Sarah!)., 
this Saturday at the home of Sarah, Laura, Darya, & Scott. Once again 
we will be on the Mount Pleasant side of the Zoo (yay!), followed by 
next meeting (Fri night, Jan 23rd) on the Woodley Park side again 
(also yay!). Walking distance to the Zoo? Host Zoo Minyan by you! 

Volunteers for leyning, leading, davenning treats, torah schlepping, 
and the famous Zoo Minyan veggies are very much appreciated – write 
back to info@ZooMinyan.org

Or use the self-service leyning spreadsheet: 

Thanks to everyone who helped make Dec's Inagural Friday night Zoo 
Minyan. if you'd have feedback and/or would like to help with the next 
one please write back to 

Please check out our Google calendar and all sorts of other goodies at 
our new website: www.ZooMinyan.org. You can even add the Zoo Google 
calendar to your Gmail Calendar view -- we have dates through 
Shavuos! Email EzratSysAdmin@ZooMinyan.org for help with this ;) 

The Details: 

Zoo Minyan 
This Saturday, 10 January 2009 
Parshat Va-yechi, the final chapter of sefer breishit (Hazak, hazak!) 
10am sharp, with a rockin' Psukei d'Zimrah 
Pot-luck dairy/veggie lunch -- main courses especially appreciated 

At the home of Sarah, Laura, Darya, & Scott, in Mt. Pleasant.

For directions, check your Zoo Mail, or write to info@ZooMinyan.org. 

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