Thursday, April 02, 2009

Not a good shabbos -- a "great" shabbos

Friday night begins "Shabbat ha-Gadol", the last shabbos before Pesach. We'll be celebrating with a great shabbos at the Zoo Minyan -- and a picnic lunch at the Zoo!

The Details:

Zoo Minyan
This Saturday, Shabbat ha-Gadol, 4 April
10am sharp, with a great Psukei d'Zimrah
Pot-luck dairy/veggie picnic lunch -- bring all your chametz, main courses especially appreciated (note: crumbs left behind at the Zoo are definitely Hefker, ie ownerless)

Last minute volunteers for davenning, davenning treats, Zoo Minyan veggies, and leyning ( are all welcome, just write back to

Davenning at the home of Deborah Hittleman Flank and Shalom Flank in Woodley Park. Write to for directions.

Picnic lunch at the National Zoo, starting at approximately 1:15.
During lunch, we'll have some learning for Shabbat ha-Gadol, including text from the special Yotzer for the day, and/or the haggadah review traditional for the afternoon of Shabbat ha-Gadol. Opportunities for extra brachot abound -- maybe birkat ha-ilanot (the annual blessing on blossoming fruit trees), and certainly mishane ha'briot (the wondrous variety of creation / creatures).

From the Conn Ave entrance, walk down the main path (Olmstead Walk) about 250 yards to the picnic tables at the Panda Cafe -- on the right, opposite the Rhea (who lives just past the Zebra -- and how often do you get davenning directions like *that*?)

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