Monday, February 22, 2010

Bake Hamantaschen - Thurs. (Feb. 25)

Eat 'em up, Yum!
Come bake Hamantaschen -
Thurs. Feb. 25th

Stop by anytime.
Casual drop-in folks or power bakers...all are welcome!

bring friends. kids welcome too.

we'll start at 3:30pm,
and put in the last batch at 7:45pm* 

Questions or to express interest:

Deborah & Shalom's kitchen

(check your Zoo-mail for directions, or email

*If you're a kid, or diabetic, or attended a bris that morning, or... are otherwise not fasting, come join us on the early side.  And if you are fasting, Ta'anit Ester ends at 6:32pm, so come break the fast with hot hamentaschen!

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