Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Zoo Minyan Sukkah time - Thurs. Sept 23

Sukkot is here!

Need some more Chag?
Missing your Zoo Minyan chevre? Want to meet new folks?
Come gather together and share a festive potluck in Woodley Park, at the sukkah of Deborah & Shalom Flank.

6pm Dinner & Mincha
7:45pm Candles & Ushpizin/Ushpizata for Ice Cream

Thurs. night, September 23, (2nd night Sukkot)
Starting at 6pm
Pot-luck dairy/veggie dinner -- main courses especially appreciated

At the home of Deborah Hittleman Flank and Shalom Flank. For directions, check your Zoo mail, or email info@ZooMinyan.org

Chag same'ach!

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