Monday, November 15, 2010

THIS WEEK Vayishlach - send yourself to Zoo - Nov. 20

Vayishlach - And you should send...yourself to Zoo Minyan this Sat.!

In this week's parsha, Ya'akov finally returns home, and receives God's blessing (35:9). Zoo Minyan returns home this week too, in a way. We last met two weeks ago, as one of the multiple communities that came together at Adas Israel to celebrate and observe shabbos with Rabbi Ethan Tucker (zachor and shamor being distinct approaches to shabbat, as we learned together that Friday night).

Shuls are an essential part of the fabric of Jewish communal life, and all the more so when they reach out beyond the walls of the building to bring people together. At the same time, home-based davenning is an ancient and ongoing stitch in that same fabric, providing a different weave and vibrant splashes of color. Come join us for haimishe davenning, singing, drashing, share a meal together, air out your neshama yetaira (your expanded shabbos soul) and settle into the comfortable lap of the shechina.


Zoo Minyan is meeting this Sat.

We'll be gathering for davenning, lunch, shmoozing, singing, etc., this Saturday in Cleveland Park (within walking distance of the Zoo, as is Zoo Minyan custom) at Stefan's house.

Want to volunteer to lead something for davenning, or add something to enrich our kavannah (we call them davenning treats, i.e. creative tidbits, not actual food ;) Schlep a sefer torah, or bring some Zoo Minyan veggies? Write back to

For Leyning there are aliyot available (please sign up if you can!)...use self-service leyning spreadsheet, or email

The Details:

Zoo Minyan
Saturday, Parshat Vayishlach, 20 Nov
10am sharp, with a rockin' Psukei d'Zimrah
Pot-luck dairy/veggie lunch -- main courses especially appreciated

At the home of Stefan G. For directions, check your Zoo mail, or email

Shabbat Shalom

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