Friday, August 14, 2009

Back home

Good shabbos!  Zoo Minyan was well represented at the Havurah Summer Institute last week.  Lots of ruach, new melodies, and new friends should animate the davenning back here in DC -- at TLS tonight and at Zoo Minyan next shabbos.

We'll be meeting for shabbat morning davenning next week, August 22nd.  Details to follow in next week's Zoo Mail -- but you can sign up now to bring some davenning treats home from the Institute (or from anywhere else), or for leyning, davenning, hosting, torah schlepping (such holy schelpping!), Zoo Minyan Veggies etc.  Just write back to

Don't forget to check for the latest updates.  There's a new drash for tomorrow's Shabbos Mevarchin, you can add Zoo Minyan to your Google Calendar, sign up for an automatic (RSS) feed, find out the name of Becca & Michael's beautiful daugther, sign up for leyning, and lots more.  We're also thinking about adding niggunim to the website -- anyone want to help?

Last but not least, the returning Zoo Minyanaires brought home brand new copies of Siddur Birkat Shalom!  If you would like to purchase your very own (at cost -- with updated grammar, a better binding, and infused with all the latest kavanah), write back to

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