Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sat. Aug. 22 - w/ special 'Labor on the Bimah' learning over lunch

Can't you just hear the Shofar blowing? It's a call to prayer!

We'll be gathering for davenning, lunch, shmoozing, and a special
"Labor on the Bimah" drash during lunch, all this Saturday in Woodley
Park at Deborah and Shalom's house. (details below)

Howard's "Labor on the Bimah" learning during lunch (even though we
don't have a bimah) is one of many events sparked by Jews United for
Justice (JUFJ), leading up to Labor Day. (JUFJ "Labor on the Bimah" events)

Volunteers still sought for Zoo Minyan veggies, davenning treats (i.e.
Kavanot or creative tidbit, perhaps from Summer Institute) also Torah
Transporter, and davening leaders – write back to

There are still short Aliyot available if you'd like to Leyn, (see 2, 3, & 4) - please use the self-service leyning spreadsheet.

Check for Drash-blogging and keep an eye on our Google calendar (Fall
dates will be posted soon) at our new-ish website:

Community Announcement:
There's a light brunch this Sunday, August 23, for Kibbutz Hannaton, a
renewed community and educational center, in a beautiful setting in
the Galilee, where diverse, committed young Jews are working to claim
Israel's future by living and teaching the ideals of Pluralism,
Spirituality, Social Justice, Environmentalism, and Peace and
Reconciliation, all in the context of rigorous text study. For more
info, click here.

Now, back to Shabbat...
The Details:

Zoo Minyan
This Saturday, Shoftim, 22 Aug.
10am sharp, with a melodious Psukei d'Zimrah
Pot-luck dairy/veggie lunch -- main courses especially appreciated

At the home of Deborah Hittleman Flank and Shalom Flank. For directions, check your Zoo mail, or email

Welcome to Elul, and
Shabbat Shalom!

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