Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kibbutz Hannaton (this Sunday)

James and Debbie Jacobson-Maisels write in:

Kibbutz Hannaton is a renewed community and educational center, in a beautiful setting in the Galilee, where diverse, committed young Jews are working to claim Israel's future by living and teaching the ideals of Pluralism, Spirituality, Social Justice, Environmentalism, and Peace and Reconciliation, all in the context of rigorous text study. Our programs will include full time beit midrash study, spiritual retreats, seminars, and internships which engage our core values. Along with a group of passionate rabbis and educators from multiple denominations, our goal is to engage contemporary Jews with a meaningful, open, ethical and transformative Judaism. 

We would love to share our vision for new center with you and invite you all to partner with us in making this dream a reality. We are seeking your support – both financial and in any other way you can - to be part of our endeavor to strengthen the spiritual future of Israel.

Please join us for a light brunch this Sunday August 23rd , at 10am at the home of Shalom Flank and Deborah Hittleman Flank (write to for address or directions), where we will share more extensively the vision and reality of Hannaton and engage together in the kind of meaningful Jewish learning which is our mission. Please feel free to pass this invitation onto friends and colleagues who are interested in supporting pluralistic Judaism, Jewish learning, Jewish spirituality or Israel and looking for new ways to get involved.

Please RSVP to James at We are looking forward to seeing you all and updating you on our new project. 


James and Debbie

Rabbi James Jacobson-Maisels

Debbie Jacobson-Maisels

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